Free Webinar: Read the Market Bar by Bar

Join Dr. Gary Dayton in an eye-opening and instructive review of recent market action where he demonstrates how to anticipate the market’s next move by reading price and volume only, bar-by-bar and swing by swing.  We’ll look at the S&Ps, a stock or two, the FX market, and an ETF from intraday and swing trading time frames.  You will learn valuable insights you can immediately apply to your trading.

We’ll cover:

  • some of the recurring principles operating in recent markets
  • trade setups that occurred
  • how to project accurate profit targets
  • our take on the current market.

Bar by Bar

The webinar is recorded and as always, you will come away with relevant and useful information you can use.

Come spend an hour and learn how to see the true picture of supply and demand.  It’s what professional traders use.  Wouldn’t you like to see what they see?

Wednesday November 20 at 5:00 PM EST (New York Time)

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