This workshop is designed specifically for those who:

  • Cut winners short in fear of giving profits back?
  • Hesitate in pulling the trigger because you fear the prospects of a loss?
  • Hang on to losing trades because you fear taking the loss?
  • Jump into unplanned trades because you fear leaving money on the table?
  • Scale back trade size because you’ve just had a large loss?
  • Double up on position size to try and make up for past losses?

This practical workshop is for traders and fund managers who want to overcome fear and improve their trading performance.  The workshop is based cutting-edge science and teach practical, innovative, evidence-based techniques drawn from the fields of sports and performance psychology, neuroscience, including techniques used by US military to help combat solders remain focused and effective during operations and other advanced techniques to help you build mental skills to turn fear into profits.

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Workshop Schedule:  Tuesday, 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST (New York Time)

Session 1: February 20        Session 2: February 27       Session 3:  March 6

Session 4: March 13              Session 5: March 20           Session 6:  March 27

  • “… I have noticed a change in my behavior after attending your lecture in terms of pulling the trigger. I am acting automatically and not worrying about the result. I feel detached and very little stress. I am not sure how this happened but I am happy with the result.” “If you understand the dynamics of emotions which drive your actions in the market, you can put them in their proper perspective. Your webinar gives insight about proper perspective. I used the material the next day to place a major position in the market for my client accounts. I bought a share in an acculumation where news flows were negative. The share failed to go down on extremely bad news and in fact went up marginally. I was a bit afraid to place the trade but the facts spoke otherwise so I did it anyway… I would highly recommend this webinar to other investors/traders because without understanding of emotions and how they affect your actions, you will be a loser no matter how much your know about technical analysis/Wyckoff or fundamental analysis.”
    Bill Wermine, Equity Fund Manager