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I want to learn to apply winning trades procedure

Trading the intraday markets on a 3 or 5-minute time frame can be a real challenge. Things happen very quickly. Volatility occurs first on the intraday charts, often with little warning. 

Indicators like RSI, MACD, and moving averages are useful, but they often give false signals. Many traders become frustrated, missing solid trades, taking poor trades, getting in late, or getting out early.  

If you are like most traders, you would want to be able to pinpoint the winning trades. 

Fortunately, there is a way: Dr. Gary has developed a trading procedure that helps lift the intraday fog.  This trading procedure helps you identify the high probability entry and exit locations of your trades.

In this course, Dr. Gary will show you how to use a combination of time frames to trade the intraday market so you can stop the struggle and improve your chance of executing the winning trades.  By using the interplay between a higher and lower time frames, you can begin to see the market and what it is doing more clearly and with a greater degree of confidence

Based on the Wyckoff Method, Dr Gary will show you how to read multiple time frames simultaneously for a true insight into the market actions.

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The course covers:

  • How to read the “Key of the Day” time frame to help you keep on the right side of the market

  • How to read both higher time frame and the trading time frame bar-by-bar for a true trading edge

Improve Your Trading Results & Elevate Your Confidence


Recorded video tutorial for almost 3 hours of teaching


Yes, I want to learn!
  • How to use the Weis Wave in combination with a higher time frame to initiate and manage trades

  • One of Dr. Gary’s favorite multiple time frame trade setups to enter a trending market

  • How to use multiple time frames effectively in congestion and trading ranges

  • Entry and exit techniques that get you in and out at good prices that add to your bottom line

  • I have never seen Wyckoff explained in such a simple and concise manner. It was a total package: Market understanding, how to read price charts and market structure, momentum, trade setups with simple trade setup sheets. Anyone who attends your program will have the tools and knowledge to trade profitably. This is a rarity in the trading seminar industry.
    Bill Wermine, Fund Manager, Malaysia
  • Paul
    Please let Dr Gary know that this was one of the best instruction on market behavior and chart reading. Probably like most traders, I've gone through quite a few courses and well over 100 books on trading that really didn't help me understand the markets behavior except for Dr. Gary.

In the below video, Dr. Gary walks through an example of applying intraday multiple time frame trading procedure to locate the winning trades.

Elevate Your Confidence & Your Trading with Intraday Multiple Time Frame Procedure


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